Viva East Bank! Overarching Goals


Viva East Bank is a coalition made up of residents and partner organizations who are implementing action steps to make our three East Bank neighborhoods more resilient.

The overarching goals our partners and resident focus on include the following: 

  1. Improve the perception of and experience in the East Bank neighborhoods.
  2. Increase demand for living in the East Bank.
  3. Strengthen and support the engagement of existing residents in behaviors, events, and projects that result in proud and cohesive neighborhoods.
  4. Effectively connect the East Bank neighborhoods and individual residents to resources in order to achieve the goals outlined in the Neighborhood Revitalization Plans

By focusing on the following numbered items, our approach is holistic and comprehensive. Go to the drop-down menu to find more detailed goals and accomplishments.

  1. Housing
  2. Community Programming
  3. Community Building
  4. Infrastructure and Public Spaces
  5. Business Districts