The goal of Viva East Bank is to foster a high quality of life in our neighborhoods, including a healthy real estate market with diverse housing options, viable businesses, quality education opportunities and recreation amenities that make our neighborhoods vibrant places that people choose to live and work.


Viva East Bank! strives to achieve this mission through comprehensive neighborhood revitalization.  In response to goals developed with neighborhood residents and stakeholders, our coalition is working to improve quality of life through four priority areas.  We are investing in the housing stock to ensure residents have safe, stable and desirable places to live.  We have upgraded infrastructure to promote opportunities for recreation and active living.  We are working with existing business owners to strengthen their success.  We partner with the schools, churches, and neighborhood associations to provide quality programs for kids and families.  By investing in and around the many assets present in the neighborhoods, we can make incremental steps towards a better future for existing and new residents.