It all starts with a vision

In 2011, each of the three neighborhoods (MLK Jr. Park, Capitol Park, Capitol East) which make up the district that we now refer to as the East Bank, were selected to work with The City of Des Moines to create or update their neighborhood revitalization plan. Recognizing that these neighborhoods shared many common traits as well as common barriers to their revitalization, the city saw an opportunity to develop new plans collaboratively between the three communities. City staff and other groups worked with residents to examine the current conditions of the neighborhood and see where growth and improvement could happen.

Through surveying, research and continuous meetings, the goal was to understand the needs and desires of residents living in these neighborhoods.

In the fall of 2013, Iowa State University partnered with The City of Des Moines to help develop updated plans for Capitol Park and Capitol East. This process took about six months and ultimately City Council approved the plans.

In 2013/14, The City of Des Moines worked diligently with the MLK Jr. Park neighborhood association to develop their first neighborhood plan. As of August 11, 2014, City Council approved the plan.

To view the neighborhood plans, please click the links below:
Capitol Park
Capitol East
MLK Jr. Park