Community programs touch hundreds of residents' lives. Viva East Bank! partners provide education and enrichment programs for both children and adults. Below are examples of programs offered in the neighborhoods as a direct result of Viva East Bank!: 

Fuel Up First Breakfast Program

Every Monday morning that school is in session at East High School, volunteers from the community, DMPD, and city institutions come together to serve students a hot breakfast. The breakfasts include burritos, sandwiches, egg casseroles, Northern Lights breakfast pizza and milk from Anderson Erickson Dairy — depending on the day of the month.

This program came about when the DMPD assessed arrest data and observed an unexpectedly high arrest rate of juveniles aged 14-17 on Monday mornings before lunch at East High School. Studies have shown that “food insecure” students are prone to behavior problems, including fighting, aggression and bullying. The thinking behind the Fuel Up First Program is that an empty stomach saps a student’s motivation and energy and makes them a little less likely to care about sitting in class and a little more likely to get in trouble while missing it.

Ease into East

Over the summer, eighth graders entering ninth grade at East High had the opportunity to attend a one-day session on how to successfully transition into high school. Various community partners played a role in the sessions with East High taking the lead on implementing the program. Nearly 150 students participated in this year's program at both East and North High School.

East High Cares

Students at East High are learning the value of service and leadership through this program, which offers them the chance to create or connect with volunteer opportunities and achieve a silver cord at graduation. As one of the signature projects in 2015, East High Cares members packaged thousands of meals for those in need. With continued support from Community Housing Initiatives and an AmeriCorps Member to help lead these efforts, East High Cares adds tremendous value to both the neighborhood and overall community.  

Hiatt Service Day

This one-day event at Hiatt Middle School allowed more than 500 students to give back to their neighborhood. By listening to an engaging presentation on why volunteering matters and spending an hour doing projects inside and outside the school, students connected with direct ways they could give back one time or several times throughout the year.

MLK Jr Park Summer Program

This summer program for elementary-aged students serves 30-40 kids every weekday for six weeks. Students are offered a variety of enrichment activities at Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Funding from United Way and a partnership with Philadelphia Seventh Day Adventist Church gives young people in the neighborhoods the opportunity to continue learning even while school is not in session.

Resident Leadership Classes

Four different Resident Leadership classes were offered to neighborhood leaders. Residents identified capacity-building topics of interest to them, including grant writing, bookkeeping, and volunteer recruitment.