Viva East Bank! is a coalition of partners and residents working together to revitalize three of Des Moines' east-side neighborhoods.



We believe that resident involvement is key to the success of Viva East Bank!. By supporting community building events and monthly neighborhood meetings, residents are driving the efforts to revitalize their neighborhoods by taking unique approaches.


Over 30 committed partners are helping to make the Viva East Bank! neighborhoods more vibrant. Our partners are helping strengthen the neighborhood by providing different services, programs, projects and more to give residents unique opportunities.


Our implementation model is known as collective impact. It means that residents and partners come together to address a common agenda and set goals to help make long-term impact. Those goals can be found in the priority areas tab above.

The overarching goals our Viva partners focus on include the following: 

  1. Strengthen and support the engagement of existing residents in behaviors, events, and projects that result in proud and cohesive neighborhoods.
  2. Effectively connect the East Bank neighborhoods and individual residents to resources in order to achieve the goals outlined in the Neighborhood Revitalization Plans.
  3. Improve the perception of and experience in the East Bank neighborhoods.
  4. Increase demand for living in the East Bank.